How To Fix Your Remote Car Key?

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The buttons won't work with my car remote anymore. It is difficult to turn the door and I'm worried that it might break. 

How Do I Fix Button Issues On My Car Remote Key?

Do not worry, the remotes for all keys stop sometimes, and it's usually because the battery is dead. It's a simple and affordable solution!
The key fob you have will require the so-called button battery This is one of the flat, round single-cell batteries that you can find in watches.
There are occasions that the keyring loop on the fob you carry. This happens often on fobs with a keyring loop that is made from plastic.  Locks Repair Brampton for newer fobs, the loop is made from metal, and the possibility of sustaining damage is decreased.

Why Is This Happening?

  • Physical trauma (e.g. drops)
  • All-purpose wear and tear, particularly the general wear and tear, particularly on the housing (e.g. the frequent addition and removal of keys/keyrings from your purse)
Before we move on to the solution, let's talk about what's the "anatomy" of the key fob.
The Anatomy Of A Key Fob Parts
The key fob for your car is comprised of several different components:
  • shell/housing
  • buttons (normally the pad is usually a rubber)
  • electronics (green circuit board)
  • battery

The Reasons Your Car Key Doesn't Work

Car Key Damaged Car Key

Keys are, in essence, tools, and tools can be subject to wear and tear following many years of usage. After being smashed on locks or smashed in pockets, and then dropped on hard surfaces, cracks, chips, and cracks can alter the grooves of a car key making them unusable. If a key suffers too much damage that it ceases to function the key will have a replacement. Get in touch with one of our expert locksmiths now to get a new car key.

Damaged Lock

Sometimes, the issue might be unrelated to the car key in itself. An unrepaired lock can be likely to cause the car to lock out as a damaged key. Particularly, older vehicles that require owners to insert keys to open the doors by hand are more prone to developing problems with locks because of wear and tear. To stop their natural wear down it's suggested that owners clean and oil their car's door locks. If you think your car's locks have been damaged and need to be repaired contact one of our knowledgeable automotive locksmiths.
No power

The majority of remotes are powered by lithium batteries, which last for an extended duration. However, at some point, the battery is likely to require replacement. If your remote starts to become inactive, the battery is the first thing you should check.

Fortunately, batteries are readily accessible and can be replaced in just a few minutes. It's a straightforward fix. Our locksmiths stock batteries for all car remotes, in case you're stuck, call us via email or by giving us phone call and we'll help you get back to functioning fast or bring your remote to our workshop to solve the issue for you.


If you're using a duplicate key, it's because

Keys that duplicate are fantastic tools to have around as they offer security and assurance in the event that one loses their primary set. However, issues can arise in the event that someone comes to the point that they're making a duplicate of a key duplicate. This is because no duplicate is a perfect duplicate. Every time a key gets duplicated, it is slightly different from the original. Many people prefer to duplicate their keys for their cars instead of cutting a new key to code due to the fact that it's cheaper but remember that cutting keys isn't necessarily the best method to prevent a lockout. Call Locksmith Toronto to find out more about cutting keys for cars.

Intermittent Fault

Sometimes, your remote will only work intermittently. It is typically a sign that the battery is getting low and must be replaced. Therefore, you should begin by replacing your battery. It's always more convenient to do this while the remote is in use.

If this does not resolve the issue, it could be caused by interference with the other vehicle or an ineffective transmitter. In either case, you'll be required to contact your local locksmith, who should be able to identify and resolve the issue promptly.


Option: Make Use Of A Remote Tote

In addition to replacing the housing or shell of your remote, it is also a permanent solution to reconnect a damaged remote to your keys. This will save you hundreds of dollars in repair/replacement costs at the dealer or locksmith!
These Remote Totes are made from genuine leather. They will reduce the wear and tear of your keys. The Remote Totes have a universal design and are available in a range of colors.

Finalization: Key Fob Programming

To program a key fob for the majority of car models it is necessary to put the key in the ignition, then press then hold down the unlock or lock button of the key. and then turn the ignition 3 times while pressing the button. Watch for a sound that indicates a lock and then release the key and leave the car to verify the results.
Programming car keys can be very complicated however, a little investigation and basic knowledge will allow you to grasp the basics and function of this system. The programming of a fob key to the central lock is generally quite simple, however, if you wish the immobilizer to be programmed you might need to speak with an expert.

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